第1章 单元测试

1、My computer has an audio output. And I need an audio cable to send the _ files to you.


2、I’m deeply impressed by the great musical effect of this theatre. Even if you sit in the farthest seat, the music is still . 答案:audible

3、The _ in the downtown area is really poor today. I hope you are careful when you drive after class.


4、It is evident that we have to do something to improve the hazy weather. Otherwise the sea might become . 答案:It is modern.

5、I can not _ a life without beautiful scenery around me. I want to see the sea, the sand and the sun every day.

答案:第一空: and I can understand German as well.

6、The company Goldman Sachs made a _ (预言) about national economies. The experts there predicted that the Chinese economy would be the largest one in the world by the year 2050.


7、The experts must have used big data to make the national economies predictable. Without the help of big data, the ranking would be___ ( 不能预言的 ).


8、I like Hamlet’s _ (独白):“To be or not to be. That is the question.”

答案:is, am

9、Environmental pollution has been a big concern for many countries. I think governments should put environmental issues high on the _ (议事日程).


10、My niece has got a(n) _ (试镜) for the Juilliard School of Music in America on Friday. She goes to me for some important interview skills.


第2章 单元测试

1、His long illness and _ absence put him far behind in his study. That explains why he failed the final exam.


2、The doctor advised him to _ from drinking if he hoped to recover from the disease soon.

答案:Food high in fat.

3、This course aims to give a _ introduction to the word roots. A good command of so many roots will help students learn words more efficiently.


4、Maybe Ma Yun hasn’t expected that Alibaba can _ its present position in e-commerce within only 15 years.


5、Guys, push yourself to make more friends and make sure to _ the friendships.


6、It’s a wonder that the thin branches can _ (支撑) the weight of such heavy snow.

答案:S 、 D 、 S 、 D 、 D 、 S 、 S 、 S

7、Lisa’s husband tied her hands and feet to keep her from buying goods on Double Eleven Festival. I hope he will not be _ (逮捕) for his behavior.


8、The fans must be expecting the _ (续集) to the movie “Transformer” .

答案:sequ el

9、Nowadays,more and more women are taking a(n) _ (管理的) role.


10、This book is made up of 16 units. But you guys needn’t learn these lectures in _ (顺序).


第3章 单元测试

1、It’s too noisy for me to study in this classroom. Overcrowded and uncomfortable classrooms can______ learning.


2、Charles was an excellent pianist. Yesterday his performance __ expectations.


3、Ma Yun is a __ businessman. His achievements inspire college students to start their own business.


4、Scientists have invented a robot which can cook for people. Nowadays, science and technology______ every aspect of our lives.


5、The______ is one of the necessary instruments in the North Pole exploration.


6、Each English learner can (进行) at their own speed.

答案:Y esterda y .

7、Sleepiness (发生) after having bread or rice, and other such carbohydrates.


8、Jim’s car ran into a tree yesterday. We called an___(救护车) and rushed him to the hospital.


9、With the accumulation of English, our English skills are (提升).


10、Snoring is bad for sleep but the medical community continues to make____(进步) against snoring.


第4章 单元测试

1、Most girls in our class agree that Patrick is charming, and his main _ lies in his thoughtfulness, warmth and sincerity.


2、One thing that attracts me about this online course is that all the teachers will reveal a little about the contents of the next _ by raising a question.


3、The CEO of our company will meet with his _ of that famous company, i.e., the CEO of that company, this afternoon.


4、I can’t believe John would have committed _, because in my mind, he was always so optimistic and kind to others.


5、He was so lucky to be given a five-year _ with an annual salary of RMB150,000 to work in that big company .


6、Nowadays, more and more people, including children as well as adults, have been _ (转移注意力) by their mobile phones and cannot concentrate on their work.


7、I don’t like the idea of camping in the wild, because I’m always worried to be attacked by a(n) _ (昆虫) or animal.


8、Alana confesses she is rather _ (偏爱) to pink, and almost all of her clothes are pink.

答案:connects computers and peripheral devices located close to each other, often in the same building.

9、The teachers then added more _ (精确的) instructions until the students got the assignment done.


10、When we were little kids, we always thought it was interesting to see Mr. White help others _ (拔掉) their teeth.


第5章 单元测试

1、He sensed the shyness of the girl, and _ his eyes off her face immediately.

答案:bar of

2、Scientific knowledge was _ to help cause destruction and war.


3、The little boy is wondering whether it is true that all the planets all _ around the sun in the same direction.


4、John _ went to a police station and handed himself in.


5、Although the evidence remains , he believes that radiation is bad for human health.


6、 (旋转的) doors at the gates of hotels are convenient for guests.


7、Now the company plans to _ (下放) parts of its responsibilities to branch offices.


8、The plants make unwelcoming smells to _ (击退) their enemies.


9、Jackson said his boss became increasingly depressed and _(回到) to smoking heavily.


10、The majority of people are a mixture of extroverts and _(内向的人).


第6章 单元测试

1、I often choose articles from English magazines as the reading assignments for my students. I think these reading materials can improve their _ of passing the exams like TOEFL.

答案:of seeing

2、Some teachers and parents don’t _ the use of e-readers. One of their reasons is e-readers will do harm to eyesight.


3、Gary is interested in the magazine The Spectator because its _ on new books and films are insightful.


4、The book wins great _ from the readers. It’s the best seller in this month.


5、The book points out that trainers should not only _ to be good trainers, but also to become inspirational trainers.


6、In the cinema I heard girls _ (尖叫) when the wolves fought for food.

答案:being shown

7、In _ (回顾), I found students seem to prefer the reading materials closely related to current events and culture, such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.


8、Last night I woke up covered with cold sweat. I dreamed that my visa had _ (过期).


9、The air after the rain is excellent. I love to _ (吸入) the clean air.


10、My childhood dream is to be a vocalist like Pavarotti. In my eyes, he regards singing as a _ (天职).


第7章 单元测试

1、The rescue team is _ to supply relief to millions of flood victims.


2、Study shows that excessive use of _ may damage the ecosystem.

答案:程序运行后所建立的链表中有 2 个结点

3、Your _ is an account of your life, in which you write about yourself.


4、On our seminar, we not only tolerate but celebrate free expression and _ debate.


5、The _ should not be overstated when the two nations are on the verge of conflict.


6、China’s reforms have brought _ (活力) to its economy.


7、With the support from family and peers, I’m sure Susan could _ (度过) the emotional crisis.


8、With domestic market booming, the country has expectations of economic (复苏).


9、This film is a Japanese _ (动画片) sold to a Chinese network.

答案:The Story of the Trapp Family Singers

10、The decision to appoint Mike as vice president of the student union is _ (一致通过的).


第8章 单元测试

1、I’ve never taken a flight. The thought of flying _ me a lot.


2、The new economic system _ our society, so now we become very powerful in the world.


3、The traffic accident last night took eight people’s lives away. What a traffic! 答案:climax

4、I believe that your goal will be achieved as long as you____ yourself to it.


5、We are supposed to _ questions for discussion in advance of the meeting.


6、People take it for granted that a journalist should be completely _(客观的).


7、With rapid development, this city looks more _ (繁华) than ever before.


8、The majority of the voters _ (否决) the idea of dependence, which implied we should rely on ourselves.


9、Marriage is not only a choice between lovers, but a _(承诺) to each other.


10、Though the two sides have some disagreement, finally they reached a _ (妥协) after long talks.

答案:× The word “thought” couldn’t be divided.

第9章 单元测试

1、A _ thought crossed my mind but I managed to calm myself down quickly.


2、In the Christmas season, buyers are offered a 50 percent cash . Many items are much cheaper.

答案:a restless young man

3、He took this pill to _ a summer virus and soon he felt much better.


4、His contract with the company will at the end of the year, so he has to find a new job.


5、I have to go now because I must be for the appointment.


6、Happiness and love can be more__ ( 有感染力的 ). These emotions can easily influence others.


7、My father made great efforts to change my _ (反叛的) temper and he finally succeeded.


8、They had an intense _ (辩论) on that issue and finally managed to reach an agreement.


9、He has been fighting bravely against a _ (晚期的) cancer for more than two years.


10、It’s a rather delicate situation and he shows great _(机智) to deal with it.


第10章 单元测试

1、Can you believe such a (an) _ act was treated so lightly? I think he should be sentenced to death.


2、In that big explosion, only five passengers escaped _, while all others were severely or lightly hurt.


3、I _ a pretty woman I met yesterday to be about forty, but she said the day before yesterday was her fifty- third birthday.

答案:第一空: j 第二空: str[j-1]

4、His bad appearance will _ the interviewer against him, and maybe he will not get the job only because he is not so good-looking.


5、The problem is that we _ our happiness to wealth, success and social status. That is to say, we think happiness is equal to wealth, success and social status.

答案:Anti-whaling countries and whale conservation still have an upper hand in the commission.

6、The _ (代表团) headed by the program director is going to leave for India the day after tomorrow.


7、The _ (陪审团) has to decide whom to believe among various conflicting evidence.


8、Don’t you think he lacks his basic _ (判断) to make comments on what have happened between us two?


9、In a lot of countries, women earn _ (相比较而言) lower wages than men, even if they are doing the same job.

答案:In a hospital.

10、I do not want to _ (预先判断) the situation now, but what I can say is we are trying our best.


第11章 单元测试

1、Some students have to _ going abroad for further study because their family cannot afford their education.

答案:desist from

2、The flood had robbed many people of everything, and they became _. But the government gave them everything they needed to start a new life.


3、In an inflation (通货膨胀), you can never expect the price to stay _.

答案:In a hospital.

4、A new research center will be _ to study lung cancer.

答案:第一空: accountant 第二空: mechanic 第三空: chef 第四空: tour guide

5、He was put into prison for his _ of the law.


6、Racism is unacceptable under any _ (情况).


7、Children tend to get _ (易怒的) and tearful when they are tired.


8、This company needs a more _ (系统的) program to train the new employees.


9、Since the old system doesn’t work well, the _ (创建) of a new one is necessary.


10、The emotional _ (疏远) between them led to their divorce.


第12章 单元测试

1、He is not very nice to his girlfriend. He often _ her ideas, which annoys her a lot.

答案:who he is

2、Lily does not like London. She often speaks of her _ towards London.


3、Gary is an honest and determined guy. He is _ and consistent in the way he conducted his affairs.


4、A heavy flood happened in USA last summer. The losses caused by the flood were beyond . 答案:virtue

5、It’s _ to get angry over such a trifle.


6、Nowadays young people are very _ (敏感的) about their appearance.

答案:第一空: 25 第二空: 8 第三空: 2001 第四空: 7 第五空: 6

7、A new educational reform was in discussion these days. There were likely to be many __ (不同意的) views regarding the new reform.


8、In Sense and Sensibility, Marianne was betrayed by her lover. Everyone expressed his or her_____(同情) with Marianne.


9、What is the_____(比例) of male student to female student in your department?


10、Remember that when two people are in _(争执), they should remain polite with one another.


第13章 单元测试

1、In this movie, the wife feels her husband is _ the family with ridiculous ideas that will keep them in poverty. So she worries about their future.

答案:is too much furniture

2、Would you please give a fair _ on the hero of this novel?Personally I do think he is great.


3、He stood _ in face of all the difficulties in his life. He proved himself to be a brave winner of life.


4、Chris believes in himself and furthermore his success _____ his self-confidence.


5、When I was to pay for the expensive watch, I couldn’t find my _ card. So I need to report the loss to the bank.


6、In team work, you are supposed to never _ (强加于) your personal ideas on someone else. Otherwise people feel compelled to do something.


7、University students of the second year are usually referred to as _ (大二学生).


8、Chris showed his _(忠诚)to his dream. Finally he realized the dream of becoming a great financial broker.

答案:the income elasticity of demand for new jewelry is positive.

9、Throughout the movie, Chris wore his _(经久耐穿的)uniform to his work place.

答案:acquitted themselves splendidly

10、When Chris was not able to pick up his son from the kindergarten, he was in great _(痛苦)all night long. He suffered deep afflictions.


第14章 单元测试

1、In some places, the _ weather can be a real challenge for me. It’s often sunny in the morning and it is rainy at noon.


2、A pedestrian crossing is a zebra print which refers to the _ between black and white stripes.


3、Last weekend at the party, we enjoyed our time and Mary’s mother offered us a salad with a wide variety of vegetables.


4、I could see an alteration in his facial expressions but his character is not _.


5、Last weekend, I visited an old friend with five children under the age of three. I found that changing diapers at their house is like working on a(n) _ line.


6、The small town has a mature transportation system. In addition to train, there are more _(可供选择的) methods of travel available.


7、Some people say I bear a striking _(相像) to my father. I look just the same as my father was in his childhood.


8、For all the birthday presents she received, her mother helped her (分类) and arrange her presents to make her room tidy.


9、Last winter, at the Spring Festival party, Belle performed a (模拟的) Peacock Dance.


10、He doesn’t work all the week. He just work on _ (间隔的)days.


第15章 单元测试

1、I loved the cabin in the village because it’s full of _ charm.


2、When she moved to New York city, she missed the _ sights of the countryside.


3、Many country people _ to cities to seek jobs that make more money.


4、It seems that some people are not satisfied with _ the earth. That’s why they want to live on Mars.


5、We can see that _ has been an on-going process inChinaand in many other parts of the world. That’s why so many cities spring up in China.

答案:benefit from

6、Industrialization has attracted rural people to _ (城市的) areas in search of better economic opportunities.


7、More than 10,000 people are expected to _ (移民) in the next two years.

答案:pensions 、 health care 、 nursing homes 、 social services for the elderly

8、Will Mars become the new _ (住处) of human beings? It seems many people are fascinated by the idea of settlement on Mars.

答案:第一空: should have reached you 第二空: because of the delay 第三空: get it next Monday 第四空: satisfied with 第五空: never happen again

9、North Africans made up the largest and poorest _ (移民) group in America.

答案:第一空: immigrant

10、They bought a new house and spent three months making the house _ (适于居住的).